Friday, November 13, 2020

Soul Health XXII

Order Magnificat; parish Job opening; Alex Trebek


1- For those who prefer not to be in the Sacristy overflow room for mass, there is plenty of room in at the Saturday 5:15pm Mass.

2-  The Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered:

-Saturdays approximately 4:50pm (after the 4pm mass)
-Sundays at 9am
-By appointment. Email me or call the parish phone.

3- This month of Remembrance of our Beloved dead ends on November 30 with a memorial mass for Fr. George. Details next week

INFO, Magnificat, Job opening and more

- Two of our beloved and well known priests died this week. Fr. John Walsh died suddenly and Fr. Ernie Schibli after a period of decline. Pray for them

- Magnificat with the daily mass readings (US translation of Scripture) and reflections, articles and much more on spirituality -- over 400 pages monthly -- can be ordered next week only at our bulk rate of $69/year. Cheques to the office. For $25, you may exchange your Living with Christ subscription with the parish, which needs a few copies.

- The Life of Alex Trebek, RIP, a great Canadian, is a testimony to the benefit of a Catholic education

- Read Archbishop L├ępine’s brief pastoral letter: Choosing Hope and Life

JOB Opening in the parish

- We are hiring for a part-time Parish Catechetical leader to coordinate our Catechists and Sacramental Preparation -- Must be a good communicator, and enjoy working with children and their parents. Inquire with me.

Blessings in Christ,

Father Robert+