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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Soul Health XVI: We’ve safely re-opened the church; more volunteers needed; church funerals this week

1- Summer Mass times:
Saturday 5 pm,

Sunday changed to 9 am.

2- A couple of tweaks based on an assessment of re-opening weekend:

- There’s space for all – no need for mass passes or registration
- Entrance to the church will be only by the main doors on the street corner

3- Parishioner Joseph Whelton died on Sunday after receiving the Last Rites of the Church hours earlier. His funeral mass is Friday at 1pm; due to the current usable space restrictions for health and safety, the funeral is private. The family asks for your prayers for Joseph, and intends to made available a video of the funeral.

4- Parishioner Joanne Morin died in April of complications related to COVID. Her funeral mass is Saturday at 10am.

5- To continue to offer the two weekend masses this summer, we need even more volunteer greeters. The training is now much simplified after our weekend experience. And we need a laptop operator for music at the masses. Please call the parish number to volunteer.

6- Over two dozen of you have already volunteered in various capacities to re-open the doors. “Well done, thou good and faithful servants” (Matthew 25:21)

7- This week: FREE COURSE: Happiness and the Meaning Of Life, from Bishop Barron’s Institute – 6 videos ~15 minutes each.

8- I announce a special meeting of parishioners to elect a new warden, filling a vacancy for Sunday 26 July at 9:45am (after mass, in the pews). That warden would hopefully become our Treasurer. Nominations may be given to me or any of the wardens.

St. Thomas More, Pray for us

Father Robert+ Pastor, St. Thomas More Parish Verdun

Thursday, July 9, 2020

The parish doors will be re-opening this weekend!!

Note the Summer Mass times:

Saturday 5 pm,

Sunday changed to 9 am

Mandatory “How to” Safety Rules to attend Mass this summer at St. Thomas More Parish, Verdun

Coming Prepared

    •    Only one washroom is available; for emergencies only. Come prepared!
    •    Bring your face mask (we will be able to provide a few at the door)
    •    Bring your faith, to follow these rules for the benefit of the community
    •    Bring your patience, in order to comply with the changes wrought by these rules
    •    DO NOT COME if you have any these conditions that prohibit access: fever, cough, contact with a sick person, or have returned from travel within 14 days prior
    •    In light of the months of lockdown, the Church encourages you to prepare by first receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation (if with Fr. Robert, by appointment only). If you cannot, you may vow to do so next week just before receiving communion and then honour your vow, to ensure worthy reception of the true Body of Christ (I Corinthians 11:27)
    •    Bring your “Mass Pass” (only for the Sunday 9am) – It is this sheet of paper

Upon Arrival

    •    To control access, 2 centre doors as well as the Moffat and Bannantyne entrances will open no earlier that 20 minutes before mass time. Only those with mass passes may enter
    •    Both side doors will be closed just before mass time; go to main doors
    •    At that point Mass Passes are no longer valid and anyone may enter until we reach capacity
    •    Before the inner entry doors and on the steps, respect the distancing floor markers
    •    We are not permitted to mark the sidewalk: physically distance there as well
    •    Before the inner doors, study the pictogram (also in this mailing)
    •    Inside the final doors, there is no holy water
    •    Listen to the instructions of the greeters
    •    Then sanitize
    •    Find a pew while respecting the floor markers marked with the colour of the ribbon designated for that mass – red, green or purple – as posted inside
    •    For family groups, use only pews with an additional white ribbon
    •    Masks are required while inside, except for those who cannot wear them. They will sit in the designated pews behind the mask picto-sign towards the back of the church
    •    Do not sit nor even touch any other pew but yours. If you have mobility issues, you cannot support yourself with another pew; rather come prepared and take your time
    •    Respect the distancing floor markers on your way to your pew; do not pass anyone in the aisle
    •    Sit only at either end of colour designated pews. This ensures 2M physical distancing
    •    A coloured mass response card will be placed where you can sit. No one else will have handled this within 3 days. Leave it where you found it upon departure.
    •    No other papers or hymn books will be in church except what you bring for the collection plate

Inside the church

Be Safe:
Help Others Feel safe in the Church

During Communion

    •    Do not leave your pew; communion will be brought to you.
    •    Lower or Remove your mask to receive
    •    Cup your hands, one over the other
    •    Do not say “Amen” until the communion minister is giving to the next person

After Mass

“Go into the world, glorifying the Lord by your life”

    •    The back row will exit first
    •    Lift your kneeler to the upright position
    •    Do not leave your pew before the people behind you have left theirs
    •    Do not stop, thereby holding up traffic, even on the sidewalks
    •    Clergy will not be greeting at the back; if you have any comments, needs or questions, please call Father Robert
    •    There is no socializing on church property
    •    If doing so on the sidewalk physically distanced, ensure you are not blocking it

When you receive communion:
“Behold what you are
Become What you see”
St. Augustine (5th century)

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Soul Health XV

We’re re-opening the church next weekend!

1- First, I’m happy to report that Patricia (Trish), our parish secretary, is recovering very well from surgery. During her convalescence this month, she will be doing some work from home.

2- Check out this 1-minute video of Pope Francis, “Our Families”, that ought to be taken to heart by each of us.

Re-opening our parish: News and information

3- Volunteers required at each mass: One to operate the laptop for music (simpler than it sounds – pun intended) and several more to be safety greeters. Please contact me to inquire. Thanks to our two dozen volunteers who have come forward, some of whom were trained yesterday.

4- The doors will be opening next weekend!! Note the Summer Mass times:

Saturday 5 pm,

Sunday changed to 9 am

5- Due to provincial capacity restrictions for health and safety, we will add a 10:30 mass with catechism, however restricted to the catechism families, who have been communicated with separately.

6- The rationale is that Sunday at 9 am:

- respects the survey results completed by most
- adding a separate family mass allows enough space that all parishioners can attend Sunday morning without registration (only the 9am mass however requires you bring a “mass pass” to guarantee you a seat)
- almost eliminates the risk of contact between the elderly and children
- as health safety doesn’t allow us to use large fans directly, this hour would not be as hot inside

7- The “mass pass”: It’s purpose is to ensure that, without having to register, our parishioners have first call on the limited available seating, until just before mass time when we admit other people until we’re full.

8- All parishioners will receive in the mail this week an extensive letter, including a separate sheet of safety rules for mass attendance. You will read therein what the “mass pass” is.

9- Additionally, an information session to answer your questions will be held by Zoom and phone call-in Tuesday evening at 7pm for those interested.

10- The parish office will be staffed for calls (514-768-4741) only this Friday from 10am-noon to answer your questions about the parish re-opening after having read the mailing. Also, if you haven’t received the letter, please call then. At other times, messages left will always be returned, except those related to re-opening which will be returned after Friday morning.

11- With the need to prioritize a successful weekend re-opening:

- Weekday masses won’t begin for at least one month
- The Sacrament of Reconciliation will not be offered before mass, rather by appointment with me
- Funerals will resume immediately, baptisms shortly thereafter I expect
- The office will remain closed for personal interaction until it is safer, and at least until Trish is fully back in the saddle. I’m available by phone at the parish number and email.
- Only the church itself and the sacristy washroom (for emergencies) are accessible for now

All further changes and adjustments will be announced at masses and included in these emails and on our website.

St. Thomas More, as we re-open, Pray for us

Father Robert+
Pastor, St. Thomas More Parish Verdun

Friday, June 26, 2020

Soul Health XIV

Mandatory REGISTRATION to attend mass; Patronal Mass online tomorrow

If you wish to attend mass at St. Thomas More parish this summer, YOU MUST REGISTER BELOW THIS WEEKEND. Registration and details below. First:

Patricia (Trish), our parish secretary, successfully underwent surgery yesterday and is recovering in hospital. Please keep her in your prayers. During her 6 weeks of convalescence, Claudette has agreed to volunteer to handle all admin matters.

Our next and possibly last online mass will be available on our website tomorrow, Saturday, at 4pm. This is our annual Patronal Festival: St. Thomas More, Martyr. The special mass intention is for Fr. George Oakes. Join us!

Re-opening our parish

Whether or not you are hoping to attend mass this summer, we need your help. Please offer 3 minutes of your time to complete this questionnaire this weekend:

Thanks to the over half of you that have. Tomorrow volunteer callers will begin calling our parishioners who don’t have email to complete the questionnaire for them and register them for mass attendance. Then we’ll know if we require additional masses to maintain the cap of 50 persons, and when to offer them.

The parish re-opening committee has determined that to re-open the parish requires upwards of 20 volunteers to be present, spread out across different masses. Offer yourself in the questionnaire.

St. Thomas More, our patron, Pray for us, as we together endeavor to re-open to celebrate our Lord

Fr. Robert+

Pastor, St. Thomas More Parish Verdun

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Special Soul Health XIII: parish re-opening news

Give me Your grace, good Lord, to set the world at nought, to set my mind fast upon You

To think my worst enemies my best friends

To have continually in mind the passion that Christ suffered for me; for His benefits incessantly to give Him thanks.

St. Thomas More, Martyr

1. If you wish to attend mass at St. Thomas More parish this summer, YOU MUST REGISTER BELOW BY WEDNESDAY. NO EXCEPTIONS. Details below. First:

2. Patricia (Trish), our nearly indispensable parish secretary, will be undergoing surgery on Thursday. Please keep her in your prayers. Her recovery time is estimated at 6 weeks. She has been serving our parish daily for 40 years!!

3. Our next and possibly last online mass will be available on our website next weekend. It will be the annual mass of our Patronal Festival, St. Thomas More, Martyr. The special mass intention will be for Fr. George Oakes. It will run approximately 40 minutes; the homily will speak directly to the children in Confirmation prep, who will then be gathering online again next Sunday.

Re-opening our parish

The provincial government has given permission for re-opening churches with a maximum of 50 persons in the building at one time. The Archdiocese has done immense preparation for this moment so that the health and safety of the faithful can be paramount. Thus re-opening our parish will be a complex process, including determining how many weekly masses we will have to satisfy parishioners while strictly respecting the cap of 50 persons. In order to determine this, and for you to register for mass attendance so we don’t exceed the cap, you must fill out the questionnaire by next Wednesday, Feast of The Birth of St. John The Baptist:

Additionally, in these ways: re-opening for mass, aiming for July 11, turns on your support:

**The parish re-opening committee which has already met twice, has determined that to be compliant the parish requires upwards of 20 volunteers to be present, spread out across different masses. Offer yourself in the questionnaire.

**Once you complete the questionnaire, please call other parishioners you know who do not have internet (over 60% of our parishioners), completing the online questionnaire for them by next Friday.

**Offer in the questionnaire to be one of the volunteers who will then call the remaining parishioners to do the same beginning Saturday.

Let’s by the grace of God work together to re-open our parish!

And commit all this to your prayers:

Have continually in mind the passion that Christ suffered for you; for His benefits incessantly give Him thanks.

St. Thomas More, Pray for us

Fr. Robert+ Pastor, St. Thomas More Parish Verdun

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Soul Health XII: Experience “Love, for us!”; Next online parish mass

In the Eucharist we “renew the memory of that incomparable love for us which Christ revealed in His passion” on the cross.

St. Thomas Aquinas, 12th century
who developed the liturgy for today’s
Feast of Corpus Christi – The Body and Blood of Christ

Dear sisters and brothers in the Body of Christ,

1. This morning we enjoyed our first online gathering for Confirmation catechesis. It was great to be together as the Body of Christ, even virtually, with some of the parish families! We’ll continue every other week through the summer.

2. I shared with the parents part of a beautiful reflection on today’s feast by our own Episcopal Vicar, Fr. Raymond Lafontaine, at the bottom of this page. For more, and his parish mass, and to make your spiritual communion:

3. A couple of parents have asked if First Communion catechesis might continue virtually. If your child is part of the First Communion gatherings, please email me your thoughts on this.

4. The next online liturgy should be up in 2 weeks. That will be the mass for our Patronal Feast of St. Thomas More, Martyr. It will be offered with special intention for Fr. George Oakes.

5. To produce that mass, we need volunteers to read, and to video even using a phone. Also someone who can advise on how to record the sound with our audio system would be helpful. Only a handful of you replied to the 2-minute questionnaire on whether you wanted these masses. You can still complete it here: In the meantime, all online masses will speak directly to the children in Confirmation prep.

6. We need two more volunteers for the de-confinement planning committee, which would help the parish reopen more quickly. Thanks to those who have come forward, we got off to a great start last week, meeting online. We will be part of diocesan webinars on the matter this week in English and French. More info in next week’s Soul Health.

7. For a host of excellent spirituality opportunities, see this morning’s Grapevine:

Together in Christ,

Fr. Robert+
Pastor, St. Thomas More Parish Verdun

Dear friends, fellow members of the Body of Christ!

…Today, we commemorate the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ. We are a Eucharistic people. In receiving the Body and Blood of Christ, we are transformed from within: we become Christ’s Body and Blood, our lives broken for others, poured out in loving service of all humanity. In this time of pandemic, when so many of us have been deprived of sacramental communion for nearly three months now, how are we called to celebrate this feast?

As I speak to parishioners and others following our online celebrations, I hear that they appreciate them very much, but they still look forward to our being all together again, so that we can celebrate Mass together, pray and sing together, receive communion together. Perhaps this time of imposed sacramental fasting has been for all of us a reminder of how easy it is to take the Eucharist for granted.

And yet, if this is literally Christ's body broken for us, Christ’s blood poured out for us, each day of our lives, we are challenged on this day to recognize both the awesome nature of the gift of the Eucharist, and the challenge which it presents in our own lives as Catholic Christians, to live as his Body in the world. This includes paying attention to those “members of the Body” who are most vulnerable at this time, the victims of racism, of all forms of injustice, those who are sick, isolated, addicted, neglected, or unwanted. All must be treated with respect and dignity…

Fr. Raymond Lafontaine, E.V.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Pentecost mass

Soul Health XI: LOVE! Trinity Sunday; More online parish masses?

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16, today’s Gospel for the feast of the Holy Trinity)

Pope Francis reflecting on God the Holy Trinity: “God is not indifferent – he’s close and personal” “The Trinity is therefore Love, all at the service of the world, which he wishes to save and recreate.”

1- When are we re-opening the Church? The first step is for a de-confinement committee to meet next week. Thanks to those who have come forward. We need a couple more volunteers to begin meeting online. Directives are beginning to come in, the second tab at:

2- Watch this 2-minute video of Pope Francis on the killing of George Floyd and “the sin of racism”:

3- Parents of children in Confirmation preparation have received an email with a survey so we can continue gatherings online next weekend – please complete the survey! It may involve producing weekly parish masses.

4- Should we offer more online masses as we did at Pentecost? It turns on your view, so please take a couple of minutes to share your thoughts anonymously:

5- To produce last weekend’s mass, we had to import a couple of volunteers from other parishes: Mark Boyer on the guitar who grew up at St. TM, and Patrick on the video camera from our neighbors St. Jean de Brebeuf in Lasalle. If we are to produce another mass, we require a parish volunteer to video and one for audio. Please contact me.

6- An excellent opportunity to enliven your spiritual life. I began today with this 7-day Unleashing Fire retreat, on the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit in our life, 30 minutes each:

7- A particular thanks to all who continue to support the parish financially. While April givings were right on budget, except for the Easter collection, May was down 25%.

8- You may receive this email twice or thrice today, as I’m working on trying to overcome some transmission issues. I welcome feedback on these Soul Health emails (in the survey above), or anything else.

I’m off to the altar to offer this Trinity Sunday mass with special intention for all of you.

Prayer to the Holy Trinity

Glory be to the Father, Who by His almighty power and love created me,
making me in the image and likeness of God.
Glory be to the Son, Who by His Precious Blood delivered me from hell,
and opened for me the gates of heaven.
Glory be to the Holy Spirit, Who has sanctified me in the sacrament of Baptism,
and continues to sanctify me by the graces I receive daily from His bounty.
Glory be to the Three adorable Persons of the Holy Trinity, now and forever.

Fr. Robert Pastor,
St. Thomas More Parish Verdun

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Soul Health X: St. TM Pentecost mass online tomorrow -- Rediscover Sunday!

Our interpersonal relationships have felt somewhat restricted over the past weeks. How many of us patiently await the day when, once again, we can be with our parents, children and friends! Let us learn from the interruptions that we’re experiencing. Let us reap the benefit of a Sunday break…

Rediscovering Sunday

Archbishop Christian Lépine

1. For 2 minutes more on the above, see his “Care for the Soul” video

2. Rediscover Sunday at St. Thomas More! Join us for our first online mass tomorrow for Pentecost:

3. When are we re-opening the Church? The Archdiocese will be sending pastors preliminary guidelines on Monday. However, the Archbishop has made it clear that parishes must first have a special committee in place to prepare for this. Are you willing to volunteer for this committee which would meet online?

4. Join Pope Francis (and me) this morning 11:30 am Montreal time, the Vigil of Pentecost, as he prays the Rosary to close the Marian month joined by satellite link to Marian sanctuaries across the world, including Montreal’s Mary Queen of the World Cathedral, by praying to the Virgin Mary for help amidst the pandemic:

5. And this evening, Archbishop Lépine will celebrate a bi-lingual Pentecost Vigil Mass at 7:30 p.m:

6. Many of you received pastoral phone calls this week from our team members:

· From this, a new prayer list of dozens of names was established, that replaces all the prayer requests for the living and the dead given to me from the previous call around. If you would like me to pray for others daily, just email me the first names.
· The calling isn’t complete because we need 3 more volunteers. Call or email me to find out what’s involved.
· A special thanks to our callers, and especially Claudette who conceived of this ministry and is coordinating it very effectively.

7. We will submit the prayer requests for the dead to the Archbishop, as in his beautiful letter this week, “In solidarity with those who mourn”, including how you can submit your own prayer requests.

8. You may receive this email twice, as I’m working on trying to overcome some transmission issues imposed by Bell. I welcome feedback on these Soul Health emails, or anything else.

May you be filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit,

Fr. Robert Pastor, St. Thomas More Parish Verdun

Monday, May 25, 2020

Soul Health VIII

“I hope to succeed in my mission to ‘infiltrate’ among young people…to enter among them as silent as a virus and infect them with an incurable disease, Love!”

Matteo Farino, died in 2009 at age 19, elevated towards sainthood last week by Pope Francis

1. Tune-in tomorrow, Sunday 10am, when Fr. Robert will be offering the homily at St. Monica’s online:

2. Then offer 10 minutes of quiet at noon, to take up the Archdiocese’ invitation to “all people of good will.” This is in conjunction with “…the bells of parish churches and chapels will ring every Sunday at noon for 10 minutes as a sign of hope…to support those most affected by the pandemic, including residents of CHSLDs and homes for the aged, as well as those who take care of the sick.”

3. On Pentecost, in two weeks, we’re hoping to offer our own online Mass from St. Thomas More! Details next week. This was proposed by one of you, the fruit of prayer and two online meetings this week with the Wardens and the Pastoral Council (see Soul Health VII #8). This requires volunteers – see below.

4. Adult Faith Formation is going forward! There’s a viable group in another parish that would like me to lead a programme, and to invite you as St. TM parishioners to participate. We’ll gather online some Friday evenings starting in two weeks, likely using Bishop Barron's new series, The Sacraments. You're participation would be wonderful. Sign-up by emailing me.

5. Archbishop Lépine’s just issued pastoral letter, “Primacy of the spiritual life”:

6. !!Spread this virus!! Amazing story of Matteo Farino, quoted above:

7. Call for volunteers to participate in our online Pentecost mass. Please email me:

· Three readers, submitting phone video from home · One someone experience person, perhaps a youth, to video me celebrating the mass at St. Thomas More

The mass intention this and every Sunday is for you, the people and parishioners of St. Thomas More.

Blessings to all,

Fr. Robert Pastor, St. Thomas More Parish Verdun