Thursday, April 8, 2021

New gov't rules, new masses Changes to Update for this weekend

Good evening, the church capacity announcement released a couple of hours ago is now 25 in the building -- noone in the sacristy. Therefore,

Pre-registration for mass this weekend is required -- spread the word:

- by phone tomorrow 514-768-4741, or

- email to Trish This is the preferred option as Trish will be on the phone enough tomorrow. Please state which mass and the number in your party

- except for volunteers for any role -- just show up without registration as you are not counted in the 25

This mass schedule will accommodate all who might register:

230pm -- Said Mass with baptism
400pm -- Sung Mass
515pm -- Sung Mass

930am -- Sung Mass
500pm -- Said Mass

I give thanks for your patience and enthusiasm to celebrate the Risen Lord together!

Father Robert+

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