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Soul Health XCVIII


Soul Health XCVIII

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

In this weekend’s Gospel, we are told of how ten lepers beg Jesus for mercy and are healed, yet only one, a Samaritan, returns to praise God and give thanks.  Jesus makes public note of this, and then tells the healed man, “Your faith has made you well.” 

The concept of thankfulness is a pretty big deal in the Bible, and is even cited in one of Paul’s Letters as part of God’s will for us.  It’s actually so important to our spiritual life that it is mentioned nearly 200 times in the entire Bible. 

For our spiritual ancestors, gratitude was directly tied to God:  in the Old Testament, the Hebrew word for thankfulness that is used most often has the definition of “acknowledging what is right and true about God in praise and thanksgiving.”  This shows that part of our spiritual inheritance, passed on to us through scripture, is to both know God and to bear witness to His love and goodness through our praise.

In the New Testament, the most prevalent word for thankfulness is eucharisteo whose definition is “to show oneself as grateful; to be thankful; to give thanks" specifically in a religious context, with or without reference to God, as seen in today's Gospel. It is from this word, used to describe the way Jesus Christ gave thanks before the Last Supper, that we get our word for the sacrament he instituted then and which we celebrate today:  the Eucharist.

As we grow in our knowledge of God and who He is, the more we ought to praise and thank Him.  The Mass is where we come together to do this as the Church on Earth, and our mission demands that our praise and thanks should continue outside the walls of our church so that others may come to God through us.  This is how we give true thanks – this is how our faith makes us well.

Regular Liturgy Schedule & Intentions, October 8-14

Saturday, October 8:  For All Parishioners
Sunday, October 9:  Anniversary of Diane Chesnel Cox by Her Husband & Family 
Tuesday, October 11 (Pope St John XXIII):  Anniversary of Fr James Morro by Trish
Thursday, October 13 (Ferial):  Debbie Hughes by John & Irene Langevin

The Sanctuary Lamp
This week the Sanctuary Lamp is lit for Father José Luis Soria by The Olaguera Family. 

As our Mass intentions are booked far in advance, the Sanctuary Lamp can be lit in memory of your loved ones or for intentions.  The candle is lit for the week for a suggested offering of $20.00.  For more information and to book a specific week please contact the office.

50/50 Returns to St Thomas More!
Our newly established Fundraising Committee has decided to have a 50/50 Draw in October, November & December! 

  • Ticket Prices:  $2.00 each, 3 for $5.00 and 7 for $10.00. 
  • October Tickets:  On sale after all Masses 
  • October Draw:  Saturday, October 29 after the 4:30pm Mass

Alpha:  One last chance for Fall 2022!
Alpha at St Willibrord's on Tuesday nights will be taking new registrations and walk-ins for one more evening, so if you haven't had a chance to give Alpha a try, the last chance to start this Fall is next Tuesday, October 11 at 7:00pm!  

Faith Formation for Young Children

St Ignatius of Loyola invites families with children ages 3-8 to The Good Shepherd Atrium, a special place for children’s prayer and faith formation.  There are a few spots still available on Monday (Level 1, ages ages 3-5) and Tuesday (Level 2, ages 6-8), from 4:00-5:30pm starting the week of October 23.    Our very own Angela will be helping out in Level 1 Atrium on Mondays! 

Read more at, or contact Rebecca Malone:

Discover a relationship with Christ!
CCO returns to St Willibrord Parish on Friday, October 14 at 7pm for the first Summit of the academic year!  Parish youth between the ages of 18-30 are invited to experience this incredible evening of faith and fellowship with other young adults, and to learn more about CCO's on-campus ministry and faith studies.  

**Updated Info!** Have you talked to your Mother lately?
The month of October is dedicated to Mary, our Heavenly Mother, and to the Holy Rosary!  If you haven't already, there is no better time than now to add the Rosary to your spiritual routine - especially if you begin today, the Memorial Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary!

We invite you to join in a Public Square Rosary Rally on Saturday, October 15 at noon on the south side of LaSalle Blvd, between Godin & Riverview(under the Tortue Wharf).

Please join in this time of prayer in offering reparation & praying for conversion.

For further information please contact Caroline Landry 514-767-6256 or Maureen Dearden  514-751-2733.

Coffee Break Catechesis

  • You Can't Take the Cross Out of Your Life 
    Saintly living might seem impossible:  after all, if we take a closer look at the lives of the Saints, we find that many of them were marked by suffering and pain.  But, as Father Mike Schmitz reminds us, we all experience suffering and pain - but with Jesus in our sight, they have a redemptive purpose.

Beyond Verdun
  • The Montreal Compline Choir
    The Office of Compline will be sung in French on October 16 at 9 p.m., at the Church of St. Peter the Apostle (Église Saint-Pierre-Apôtre), 1201 rue de la Visitation, Montreal.  For more information about this ancient tradition of communal prayer and music, visit 
  • Our Lady of Fatima and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart
    This free online event happening Monday, October 10 at 7pm EasternTime is one way you can draw closer to Mother Mary this month! Meet the speakers and register at (please note, the time stated in the provided link is Central)
  • Pillars Trust:  Ask Us Anything!
    The Pillars Trust Fund is hosting an online "Ask Us Anything" event later this month to help you learn more about various Catholic organizations serving the faithful of Montreal.  For more information and to submit your questions for this event, visit 

Put Your Faith, Hope, and Love into Action!

  • Pastoral Home Care
    • Be a living bridge to Christ for the sick, elderly, and isolated in our city!  The Pastoral Home Care ministry of the Archdiocese will provide formation in October for newcomers to this important ministry.  For more information visit
  • CAPP-Canada
    • CAPP was founded by Pope St. John Paul II to advance the principles of the social doctrine of the Church: the dignity of the human person, solidarity and subsidiarity.  Learn more at and watch the replay of September's virtual launch of CAPP-Canada at
  • Catholic Action Montreal
    • Motivated by our faith, Catholic Action Montreal empowers its community through a network of gifted individuals, partners, and organizations, enabling them to respond to an expressed need, resulting in profound changes in the community.  Learn more and get involved at

Yours in Christ,
Father Robert Assaly+

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