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Soul Health CIX


Soul Health CIX

***The annual Parishioners' Meeting is postponed until January 14th 2023, as Fr Robert has tested positive for COVID-19***

If you are a frequent, regular mass attender, your participation is anticipated for the new meeting date, as it is your commitment and input that will shape this critical discussion.

With the parish at a crossroads, the outcome of your participation may well determine the future of the parish and even whether we continue.


Dear Parishioners and Friends,

The Gospel Reading for this Fourth Sunday of Advent focuses on Joseph learning of Mary’s pregnancy and being visited by the Angel of the Lord in a dream to direct him to not dismiss Mary, but to take her as his wife and her child as his own.  Although we’re told at the end of the Gospel Reading that Joseph awakens in full acceptance of God's will for him, it’s easy for us to wonder:  how did Joseph really feel?  After all, Joseph is spoken of in the New Testament, but isn’t actually recorded as speaking for himself in any part of Scripture. 

And so, what we know of the adoptive, earthly father of Jesus comes from what others have written about him and about the actions he took as the leader of the Holy Family.  Matthew tells us outright that Joseph was a righteous man, and we can glean from this Gospel Reading that prior to the Angel’s visit, Joseph had a great sense of compassion. He still held Mary in high enough regard to not dismiss her publicly and expose her to shame.  It certainly would have been easy enough for him to do so, and well within his right - but Joseph's desire to uphold Mary's dignity provided a window of opportunity for the Angel of the Lord to come to him.
From this one passage - essentially our introduction to him in Scripture - we see in Joseph an example of how we are called by God to hear His word, know His will, and act upon it in our lives. As Advent draws to a close and Jesus, our Emmanuel, draws ever closer to us, let us keep in mind that the faith, hope, and love of both Mary and Joseph played a vital role bridging the gap between God and humanity.   
If we make windows of opportunity for the Holy Spirit to come into our hearts by also striving to lead lives of faith, hope, and love, we too can discern the role we are meant to play in building up the Kingdom.  

Deacon Bernie is now at home and anticipates being with us on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Mass Schedule

Saturday, December 24th:  Carols - 7:30pm -- Mass - 8:00pm
Sunday, December 25th:  Mass - 9:00am

Regular Liturgy Schedule & Intentions, December 17-24
Saturday, December 17:  Anniversary of Wayne Warren by Bill & Denise
Sunday, December 18: For All Parishioners
Tuesday, December 20: Patricia McSharry by Anna Maria McSharry & Family
Thursday, December 22:  Patricia McSharry by Michael McSharry & Family

The Sanctuary Lamp
This week the Sanctuary Lamp is lit for Evelyn Gilchrist by Kathie & Tony Fargnoli

As our Mass intentions are booked far in advance, the Sanctuary Lamp can be lit in memory of your loved ones or for intentions.  The candle is lit for the week for a suggested offering of $20.00.  For more information and to book a specific week please contact the office.

Give the Gift of God's Word (and more!) with Magnificat
Free copies of the January 2023 edition of Magnificat are available for new subscribers or for you to put under the tree to start your loved ones off the incredible year-long journey of growing in faith, hope, and love with Magnificat.  Contact the parish office to get yours today!
If you’re looking for a faith-centered Christmas gift that keeps on giving, consider buying your loved ones (and yourself!) a yearly subscription to Magnificat - $70.00 for 14 issues.  Current subscribers can also renew their subscriptions for 2023 at this price.
Thank you!
We wish to thank Fr. Lou Cerulli for Celebrating Mass this weekend and Deacon Marco Argentino for assisting and preaching the Homily.

Thank you to Fr. George Zacharias, for saying Mass this past Thursday.
Toys for the Christ Child
 Once again this year at Christmas, we encourage children to bring gifts to Jesus at the Crib.  This is an excellent opportunity for parents to teach their child a valuable lesson of sharing.  It would be appreciated if the gifts are marked boy or girl and the age.
Support one of our parish's oldest traditions: The St Thomas More Christmas Baskets
For over 50 years, our parish has supported families in need in our community through Christmas Baskets.  This year, Trish (who has been leading the project for 30 years!) projects that over 40 families will benefit from our efforts. 

This is the final weekend of the Annual Food Drive!

Parishioners wishing to make a donation towards the cost of meat and perishable items may place their donation in the St. Vincent de Paul Boxes. 

Thank you to all parishioners who made their donation using the Feast of St. Andrew envelope, your generosity totaled $1,720 .00 in Memory of Fr. George Oakes.

Envelopes for 2023
The 2023 sets of Church Offering Envelopes will be available beginning next weekend.  Envelopes are in alphabetical order.

Parishioners who had a number between 102-110 have been assigned a new number.  Parishioners wishing to use envelopes for the first time may pick up a set this weekend on the table marked M-Z.  Please leave your name, address and phone number on the sheet of paper next to the number you take.

New Sunday Missals for 2023 now available
We have some copies of the Living with Christ Sunday Missals which are available on the shelves at the back of the church.  The cost is $7.00.
St Willibrord:  The Christmas Baskets Project
The Christmas Baskets Project at St. Willibrord’s Parish is a 100% volunteer-powered mobilization that helps provide food and Christmas cheer to 200 families in Verdun.  Click here for more information!

Coffee Break Catechesis
Reflect more upon this weekend's upcoming readings with Jeff Cavins,
 whose prolific Biblical scholarship and work with Ascension Press has helped countless individuals encounter the Word of God in meaningful, profound ways.

Beyond Verdun
  • St Francis of Assisi made an appearance at last week's COP15 March for Biodiversity and Human Rights - get the full scoop here!
  • To build fellowship and overcome social isolation, the Choir of Saint Donat created a community initiative to bring people together through music. Let’s Sing Christmas Songs at Church is the first fruit of their labours - watch it here.
Put Your Faith, Hope, and Love into Action!
  • The Indigenous Reconciliation Fund
    • The Indigenous Reconciliation Fund was established to accept donations from 73 Catholic entities across the country, and to advance healing and reconciliation initiatives.  It seeks to support projects that are determined locally, in collaboration with First Nations, Métis and Inuit partners.  Learn more and support this Catholic commitment to healing and reconciliation at
  • CAPP-Canada
    • CAPP was founded by Pope St. John Paul II to advance the principles of the social doctrine of the Church: the dignity of the human person, solidarity and subsidiarity.  Learn more at and watch the replay of September's virtual launch of CAPP-Canada at
  • Catholic Action Montreal
    • Motivated by our faith, Catholic Action Montreal empowers its community through a network of gifted individuals, partners, and organizations, enabling them to respond to an expressed need, resulting in profound changes in the community.  Learn more and get involved at

Yours in Christ,
Father Robert Assaly+

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