Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Soul Health: Special Edition


Soul Health:  Special Edition

Parishioners' Meeting:  Saturday, February 11th - 2:30pm

Following a week of reflection and discernment after our Joint Mass on February 5th at St Willibrord, your participation in this meeting and the insights you share will help determine the future of St Thomas More. 

See you at 2:30pm this coming Saturday in the Mary Room followed by our regular 4:30pm Mass! 

Listen again to Fr Robert's homily:
The Healing of the World


Pray for justice and peace

As Father Robert suggested in his homily of February 5th:  this week, selecting perhaps a different country each day experiencing
war and conflict, united to the redemptive suffering of Jesus Christ,
offer yourself daily for 3 minutes in prayer or silence for justice and
peace there and our sisters and brothers who suffer there.

Some of those places might be: Gaza and the West Bank, Syria, Iraq,
Yemen, Iran, South Sudan, Congo, Tigray, Myanmar, Ukraine, or Afghanistan.

St. Paul in writing to the Corinthian Church compares the
whole church to a single physical human body
. Thinking of a diseased
body part, he reminds them that "when one member of the body suffers,
all suffer." St. Paul declares that the Church is the very Body of
Christ, Who is its Head, and we are all members of it.

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