Friday, September 15, 2023




Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!
Parishioners' Meeting with Bishop Alain Faubert, Auxiliary Bishop, & Father Raymond Lafontaine, Episcopal Vicar
Saturday, September 16th 2023 after the 4:30pm Mass 

Mass Schedule & Intentions

24th Sunday of Ordinary Time
Saturday, September 16th 2023

Anniversary of Gilles Valiquette by Christine

Sanctuary Lamp
Our Sanctuary Lamp this week is burning for 
Father Robert Assaly by the Parish

Catholic Action Montreal:  Late Sunday Mass
As we head into the Autumn months, Catholic Action Montreal's Late Sunday Mass continues every Sunday evening at St Willibrord's, 8:00pm.

Sanctuary Lamp
Every week, the candle above the tabernacle is lit, and can be lit in memory of a loved one or for special intentions for a suggested offering of $20.  For more information and to book a specific week please contact the office.

What's up in the Archdiocese?
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