Friday, February 23, 2024




Second Sunday of Lent

4:30pm - Saturday, February 24th 2024
Debbie Hughes by Her Mother

This week, our Sanctuary Lamp is burning for
The Repose of the Soul of Victor Olaguera by His Family
Maintenance Collection
Next Saturday, March 2nd, there will be a second collection for maintenance.

Income Tax Receipts
Income Tax Receipts are available on the shelves at the back of the church. Receipts are
distributed in alphabetical order.

Vigil Lights
We remind parishioners the cost of the Vigil Lights are 50 cents for the small ones and
$5.00 for the large. We ask you to please put your offering in the boxes. Parishioners may
also put the offering in their collection envelope indicating the amount for candles.

Office Hours
Regular Office Hours are Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday, 9:00am-3:30pm.
The office is closed on Wednesday.

Sanctuary Lamp
Every week, the candle above the tabernacle is lit, and can be lit in memory of a loved one or for special intentions for a suggested offering of $20.  For more information and to book a specific week please contact the office.

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