Thursday, August 19, 2021

Soul Health XXXXIX

The Holy Eucharist:

This weekend is the last of the Gospel from John 6 -- “The Bread of Life” discourse. And thus the last of our 4-part sermon series on The Eucharist.

You can watch the previous three at:

July 25, beginning at 14:30

August 1, beginning at 16:30

August 8, beginning at 30:00

Upcoming Funeral

This Saturday 21 August at 11:30am for Maureen Neville; visitation at 10:30am

We're Hiring...

...a full-time Pastoral Associate, jointly with St. Willibrord's, mostly for Adult and Family Faith Formation. Must have a love of Jesus Christ and a desire to share that. Email the office for a job description. Applications close Friday next week.

Take 30 seconds with St. John Eudes

Today is the feast of this 17th century priest who legacy includes this beautiful Prayer to the Sacred Heart, which expresses our aspiration to holiness:

O Heart all loveable and all loving of my Savior, be the Heart of my heart,

the Soul of my soul, the Spirit of my spirit, the Life of my life

and the sole principle of all my thoughts, words and actions,

of all the faculties of my soul and of all my senses, both interior and exterior. 


A simple authentic formula for happiness... found near the end of this brief, inspiring interview. (My quietly joyful brother Brian of beloved memory, suffered and died from the same disease).


1- Those in Family Faith Formation will be emailed shortly with re-starting date and details.

2- Get the latest Diocesan news and updates on Haiti

3- The September Magnificat is in for those who ordered it.

4- We are grateful to Notre-Dame de la Garde which has installed a stair lift at the Bannantyne entrance to make our Church accessible. It should be operational next week. Spread the news.

5- With more people able to return to mass, our livestream from St. Willibrord's will not continue after the end of this month.

May the rest of your August be Blessed in Christ,

Father Robert+

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