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Soul Health XCVI


Soul Health XCVI  

Due to road work being done on Sunday, September 18th, parking around the church will be limited for the 8:30am Mass.


Dear Parishioners and Friends,

Life pulls us in many directions, and we find ourselves scattered and distracted.  Unable to focus on what is truly a priority, everything seems to be of equal importance and we cannot find the time to do more than just make it through the same day over and over again. 

This is not unique to modern life!  Jesus speaks on this very subject in today’s Gospel, and while his First Century in-person audience could not even dream of many of the same lifestyles and activities we experience today, they were nonetheless busy enough and their attention was divided enough for Jesus to give them a solution.

And what is the solution?  Make God the priority, and everything will fall into place behind Him.  The extracurricular activities of our families, the school schedules of our children and youth, the daily tasks of our jobs, the never-ending list of our household chores…if these things are put ahead of God, then our lives are needlessly chaotic.  It can even get to a point where the most fundamental tenets of our faith and our duties as members of His Church become burdensome.
A personal relationship with God, and all that can be done to build one, is the holy priority of every follower of Christ.
 Instead of including it somewhere on a to-do list or schedule, try prioritizing your relationship with God.  By giving Him the best of our time – instead of whatever might remain of it  –  what feels burdensome about discipleship is revealed as a natural part of daily life and an occasion for us to bring others into peace and joy. 

Liturgy Schedule & Intentions, September 17-23
Funeral Service for Deborah Hughes, daughter of Gloria Hughes:
Saturday, September 17th at 10:30am
Visitation in the church at 10:00am

Saturday, September 17:  Anniversary of Gilles Valiquette by Christine  
Sunday, September 18:  For All Parishioners 
Tuesday, September 20 (The Korean Martyrs):  For the intentions of Father Robert on the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of his ordination by A Parishioner
Thursday, September 22:  Deceased Members of The McGlynn & McIver

Family Faith Formation
Information Gathering for Parents
Sunday, September 18 following the 11:15am Outdoor Mass at St Willibrord's Parish (325 Willibrord Avenue)

Our First Communion and Confirmation program will look a little different this year. Any parent wishing to begin preparing their child or children for these Sacraments are welcome to join us for our Information Gathering on Sunday, September 18. 

Please RSVP to Angela at!

Family Faith Formation is a 2-year sacrament preparation experience that serves both St Thomas More and St Willibrord. It focuses on the whole family’s journey through faith, giving parents their own opportunity to explore faith and receive formation alongside their children.  Families are accompanied by catechists through programs that bring faith into the home and God to the center of family life.  

Alpha starts soon!
Alpha is an 11-week series hosted at St Willibrord Parish that provides safe and welcoming space where participants share a meal, watch a video, and discuss life's big questions in small groups to journey and grow together in faith.

Alpha starts on Tuesday, September 27th at St Willibrord's Parish, 7pm-9pm.  St Thomas More parishioners are encouraged to attend and are most welcome to join Alpha this fall.  ***Click here to register*** and learn more at:


Coffee Break Catechesis

  • Why Surrender Is Actually So Difficult  
    There may not be a concrete “how-to guide” to show us how to give ourselves to God, especially when we face hard times – but Mari Pablo from Ascension Presents has a couple of tips to help you learn to surrender to Him!

Beyond Verdun
  • Single Moms in Montreal
    Catholic single mothers in Montreal can find support and fellowship in Momentum, a vibrant faith community with a bold vision to transform the culture surrounding single mothers in the Catholic Church through in-person and online activities.
  • You're invited to Loyola High School (September 17)
    • Loyola High School has a faith-based educational program rooted in the Jesuit, Catholic tradition. Loyola is inviting all interested families with Grade 5 and 6 students to register for a one-hour tour of Loyola High School to see the facilities and meet with Faculty & Staff on September 17, 2022. This is a great opportunity to see and hear about how the school will be rolling out their co-educational programming starting for the 2023-24 school year and other exciting changes ahead.
      • Visit to register
      • An English Eligibility Certificate is required to attend Loyola
  • Be a tourist in your home city!
    English Guided Tours at Musée des Hospitalières (September 24)
    Reconnect with nature and learn about Montreal’s rich Catholic history by signing up for a guided tour of the “Secret Garden” of the Hospitallers of St Joseph’s Monastery.
  • Catch the replay!  
    If you missed this Monday's Mass for the Episcopal Ordination of Auxiliary Bishop Frank Leo, you can catch the replay here on YouTube.  A Participation Booklet that you can view on your computer or mobile devices is available here.
    • This was the Church at her finest, as conveyed in even the first 8 minutes of the video: Over 40 bishops -- the direct successors of the Apostles -- including Eastern rite bishops, many nuns, and mostly, over 1000 of you inside, all offering our sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord of all.
  • Requiescat In Pace 
    Read the Statement of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops on the passing of Elizabeth II.

Put Your Faith, Hope, and Love into Action

  • Catholic Action Montreal
  • CAPP is coming to Canada
    • We would love to see at least one parishioner become fully engaged in this initiative on behalf of the parish!
    • CAPP was founded by Pope St. John Paul II to advance the principles of the social doctrine of the Church: the dignity of the human person, solidarity and subsidiarity.  Learn more at:
    • Read more about the Canadian Launch happening tomorrow, September 17:

Yours in Christ,
Father Robert Assaly+

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