Friday, September 23, 2022

Soul Health XCVII


Dear Parishioners and Friends,

What is true wealth?  This weekend, the Prophet Amos warns that material wealth, consisting of creature comforts, does not last, while Paul’s letter to Timothy is a reminder that our lives on Earth should lead us to eternal life with God if we live our earthly lives in pursuit of “righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, gentleness” and “fight the good fight of the faith.” 

True wealth, then, is to be found in a life that reflects God in whose image and likeness we were made, and leads us to eternal life in Heaven.  This is our inheritance as daughters and sons of God. 

In telling the parable of the rich man and Lazarus, Jesus teaches us that, as with an inheritance of material wealth, we can squander or misuse our holy inheritance of salvation and spiritual wealth if we are careless with the gifts we have been given.  In this parable we also have two important life lessons to ponder.  First, humanity was separated from God – but even then, we are still able to hear the Word of God and be saved by Jesus, the Word made flesh. Second, we are called to share all our wealth with others, and that our rejection of those in need puts us in conflict with God. 

The mission-focused parish puts these lessons into action.  Those who have heard the Word and chosen to follow Jesus Christ are also called to the mission of investing our spiritual wealth in making disciples and building up the kingdom.  As we continue working towards a mission-focused vision for St Thomas More, let’s all reflect on the gifts and treasures God has given to us.  Let’s invite the Holy Spirit to guide each one of us towards a clear vision of the role these gifts and treasures would allow us to play in our community, and take the leaps of faith across the chasms that separate us from discipleship.   

Liturgy Schedule & Intentions, September 17-23
Saturday, September 24:  Rosemary Speer by her Family
Sunday, September 25:  For All Parishioners 
Tuesday, September 27 (St Vincent de Paul):  Gary Wilson by Eileen Ford  
Thursday, September 29 (The Archangels – St Michael, St Gabriel, and St Raphael):   Bob & Lucille Lipscombe & Deceased Family Members by Ann Foran  

50/50 Returns to St Thomas More!
Our newly established Fundraising Committee has decided to have a 50/50 Draw in October, November & December! 

  • Ticket Prices:  $2.00 each, 3 for $5.00 and 7 for $10.00. 
  • October Tickets:  On sale next weekend October 1st-2nd at all the Masses
  • October Draw:  Saturday, October 29th after the 4:30pm Mass

We can't do this without you!
Last week, our team of Wardens was confronted with a new difficult financial situation for our parish.  Regular Collections are $10,000 below what was budgeted and our expenses, primarily Heating are already over the budget for the entire year.  Please consider substantially increasing your giving to the parish as we consider how to overcome the looming deficit.

Family Faith Formation
Our First Communion and Confirmation program looks a bit different now than previous years!  If you or somebody you know is interested in preparing children for Sacraments, please contact Angela ( to learn more about Family Faith Formation, a two-year program that serves families of both St Thomas More and St Willibrord. 

Alpha:  It all begins next week!
Alpha is an 11-week series hosted at St Willibrord Parish that provides safe and welcoming space where participants share a meal, watch a video, and discuss life's big questions in small groups to journey and grow together in faith.

Alpha starts on Tuesday, September 27th at St Willibrord's Parish, 7pm-9pm.  St Thomas More parishioners are encouraged to attend and are most welcome to join Alpha this fall.  Walk-ins are welcome on September 27th!  ***You can also click here to register*** and learn more at


Coffee Break Catechesis

  • What does it cost to trust God? 
    “At some point we have to stop renting our parents’ faith and purchase our own.”  Discerning your role in a mission-focused parish requires reliance on the Holy Spirit and total trust in God.  Giving God all we have might feel like an uncomfortable challenge at best and a terrifying prospect at worst but – as Stacey Sumereau reminds us in this video – God never leaves us empty-handed. 

Beyond Verdun
  • Single Moms in Montreal
    Catholic single mothers in Montreal can find support and fellowship in Momentum, a vibrant faith community with a bold vision to transform the culture surrounding single mothers in the Catholic Church through in-person and online activities.
  • Reflection Time:  The Papal Intention for September 2022
    As the end of the month approaches, take some time this week to offer up some prayers for the Papal Intention for September 2022 – the abolition of the death penalty.

Put Your Faith, Hope, and Love into Action

  • 108th World Day of Migrants & Refugees - Sunday, September 25th 2022 
    • On the World Day of Migrants & Refugees, Catholics worldwide are called upon to remember those displaced by conflict and persecution.  This year, Pope Francis has chosen the theme "“Building the Future with Migrants and Refugees," saying, "we must accept Christ’s salvation, his Gospel of love, so that the many forms of inequality and discrimination in the present world may be eliminated."  Read his full statement here:
  • CAPP is coming to Canada
    • We would love to see at least one parishioner become fully engaged in this initiative on behalf of the parish!
    • CAPP was founded by Pope St. John Paul II to advance the principles of the social doctrine of the Church: the dignity of the human person, solidarity and subsidiarity.  Learn more at:
  • Catholic Action Montreal

Yours in Christ,
Father Robert Assaly+

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