Monday, May 25, 2020

Soul Health VIII

“I hope to succeed in my mission to ‘infiltrate’ among young people…to enter among them as silent as a virus and infect them with an incurable disease, Love!”

Matteo Farino, died in 2009 at age 19, elevated towards sainthood last week by Pope Francis

1. Tune-in tomorrow, Sunday 10am, when Fr. Robert will be offering the homily at St. Monica’s online:

2. Then offer 10 minutes of quiet at noon, to take up the Archdiocese’ invitation to “all people of good will.” This is in conjunction with “…the bells of parish churches and chapels will ring every Sunday at noon for 10 minutes as a sign of hope…to support those most affected by the pandemic, including residents of CHSLDs and homes for the aged, as well as those who take care of the sick.”

3. On Pentecost, in two weeks, we’re hoping to offer our own online Mass from St. Thomas More! Details next week. This was proposed by one of you, the fruit of prayer and two online meetings this week with the Wardens and the Pastoral Council (see Soul Health VII #8). This requires volunteers – see below.

4. Adult Faith Formation is going forward! There’s a viable group in another parish that would like me to lead a programme, and to invite you as St. TM parishioners to participate. We’ll gather online some Friday evenings starting in two weeks, likely using Bishop Barron's new series, The Sacraments. You're participation would be wonderful. Sign-up by emailing me.

5. Archbishop Lépine’s just issued pastoral letter, “Primacy of the spiritual life”:

6. !!Spread this virus!! Amazing story of Matteo Farino, quoted above:

7. Call for volunteers to participate in our online Pentecost mass. Please email me:

· Three readers, submitting phone video from home · One someone experience person, perhaps a youth, to video me celebrating the mass at St. Thomas More

The mass intention this and every Sunday is for you, the people and parishioners of St. Thomas More.

Blessings to all,

Fr. Robert Pastor, St. Thomas More Parish Verdun

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