Saturday, May 30, 2020

Soul Health X: St. TM Pentecost mass online tomorrow -- Rediscover Sunday!

Our interpersonal relationships have felt somewhat restricted over the past weeks. How many of us patiently await the day when, once again, we can be with our parents, children and friends! Let us learn from the interruptions that we’re experiencing. Let us reap the benefit of a Sunday break…

Rediscovering Sunday

Archbishop Christian Lépine

1. For 2 minutes more on the above, see his “Care for the Soul” video

2. Rediscover Sunday at St. Thomas More! Join us for our first online mass tomorrow for Pentecost:

3. When are we re-opening the Church? The Archdiocese will be sending pastors preliminary guidelines on Monday. However, the Archbishop has made it clear that parishes must first have a special committee in place to prepare for this. Are you willing to volunteer for this committee which would meet online?

4. Join Pope Francis (and me) this morning 11:30 am Montreal time, the Vigil of Pentecost, as he prays the Rosary to close the Marian month joined by satellite link to Marian sanctuaries across the world, including Montreal’s Mary Queen of the World Cathedral, by praying to the Virgin Mary for help amidst the pandemic:

5. And this evening, Archbishop Lépine will celebrate a bi-lingual Pentecost Vigil Mass at 7:30 p.m:

6. Many of you received pastoral phone calls this week from our team members:

· From this, a new prayer list of dozens of names was established, that replaces all the prayer requests for the living and the dead given to me from the previous call around. If you would like me to pray for others daily, just email me the first names.
· The calling isn’t complete because we need 3 more volunteers. Call or email me to find out what’s involved.
· A special thanks to our callers, and especially Claudette who conceived of this ministry and is coordinating it very effectively.

7. We will submit the prayer requests for the dead to the Archbishop, as in his beautiful letter this week, “In solidarity with those who mourn”, including how you can submit your own prayer requests.

8. You may receive this email twice, as I’m working on trying to overcome some transmission issues imposed by Bell. I welcome feedback on these Soul Health emails, or anything else.

May you be filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit,

Fr. Robert Pastor, St. Thomas More Parish Verdun

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