Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Soul Health XVI: We’ve safely re-opened the church; more volunteers needed; church funerals this week

1- Summer Mass times:
Saturday 5 pm,

Sunday changed to 9 am.

2- A couple of tweaks based on an assessment of re-opening weekend:

- There’s space for all – no need for mass passes or registration
- Entrance to the church will be only by the main doors on the street corner

3- Parishioner Joseph Whelton died on Sunday after receiving the Last Rites of the Church hours earlier. His funeral mass is Friday at 1pm; due to the current usable space restrictions for health and safety, the funeral is private. The family asks for your prayers for Joseph, and intends to made available a video of the funeral.

4- Parishioner Joanne Morin died in April of complications related to COVID. Her funeral mass is Saturday at 10am.

5- To continue to offer the two weekend masses this summer, we need even more volunteer greeters. The training is now much simplified after our weekend experience. And we need a laptop operator for music at the masses. Please call the parish number to volunteer.

6- Over two dozen of you have already volunteered in various capacities to re-open the doors. “Well done, thou good and faithful servants” (Matthew 25:21)

7- This week: FREE COURSE: Happiness and the Meaning Of Life, from Bishop Barron’s Institute – 6 videos ~15 minutes each.

8- I announce a special meeting of parishioners to elect a new warden, filling a vacancy for Sunday 26 July at 9:45am (after mass, in the pews). That warden would hopefully become our Treasurer. Nominations may be given to me or any of the wardens.

St. Thomas More, Pray for us

Father Robert+ Pastor, St. Thomas More Parish Verdun

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