Thursday, July 9, 2020

The parish doors will be re-opening this weekend!!

Note the Summer Mass times:

Saturday 5 pm,

Sunday changed to 9 am

Mandatory “How to” Safety Rules to attend Mass this summer at St. Thomas More Parish, Verdun

Coming Prepared

    •    Only one washroom is available; for emergencies only. Come prepared!
    •    Bring your face mask (we will be able to provide a few at the door)
    •    Bring your faith, to follow these rules for the benefit of the community
    •    Bring your patience, in order to comply with the changes wrought by these rules
    •    DO NOT COME if you have any these conditions that prohibit access: fever, cough, contact with a sick person, or have returned from travel within 14 days prior
    •    In light of the months of lockdown, the Church encourages you to prepare by first receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation (if with Fr. Robert, by appointment only). If you cannot, you may vow to do so next week just before receiving communion and then honour your vow, to ensure worthy reception of the true Body of Christ (I Corinthians 11:27)
    •    Bring your “Mass Pass” (only for the Sunday 9am) – It is this sheet of paper

Upon Arrival

    •    To control access, 2 centre doors as well as the Moffat and Bannantyne entrances will open no earlier that 20 minutes before mass time. Only those with mass passes may enter
    •    Both side doors will be closed just before mass time; go to main doors
    •    At that point Mass Passes are no longer valid and anyone may enter until we reach capacity
    •    Before the inner entry doors and on the steps, respect the distancing floor markers
    •    We are not permitted to mark the sidewalk: physically distance there as well
    •    Before the inner doors, study the pictogram (also in this mailing)
    •    Inside the final doors, there is no holy water
    •    Listen to the instructions of the greeters
    •    Then sanitize
    •    Find a pew while respecting the floor markers marked with the colour of the ribbon designated for that mass – red, green or purple – as posted inside
    •    For family groups, use only pews with an additional white ribbon
    •    Masks are required while inside, except for those who cannot wear them. They will sit in the designated pews behind the mask picto-sign towards the back of the church
    •    Do not sit nor even touch any other pew but yours. If you have mobility issues, you cannot support yourself with another pew; rather come prepared and take your time
    •    Respect the distancing floor markers on your way to your pew; do not pass anyone in the aisle
    •    Sit only at either end of colour designated pews. This ensures 2M physical distancing
    •    A coloured mass response card will be placed where you can sit. No one else will have handled this within 3 days. Leave it where you found it upon departure.
    •    No other papers or hymn books will be in church except what you bring for the collection plate

Inside the church

Be Safe:
Help Others Feel safe in the Church

During Communion

    •    Do not leave your pew; communion will be brought to you.
    •    Lower or Remove your mask to receive
    •    Cup your hands, one over the other
    •    Do not say “Amen” until the communion minister is giving to the next person

After Mass

“Go into the world, glorifying the Lord by your life”

    •    The back row will exit first
    •    Lift your kneeler to the upright position
    •    Do not leave your pew before the people behind you have left theirs
    •    Do not stop, thereby holding up traffic, even on the sidewalks
    •    Clergy will not be greeting at the back; if you have any comments, needs or questions, please call Father Robert
    •    There is no socializing on church property
    •    If doing so on the sidewalk physically distanced, ensure you are not blocking it

When you receive communion:
“Behold what you are
Become What you see”
St. Augustine (5th century)

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