Friday, March 3, 2023

Soul Health CXX


Soul Health CXX

Update on Father Robert
Fr Robert is doing well and remains in good spirits at the hospital while awaiting test results.  He hopes to return home by the middle of next week, and will give a new update at that time.

Remaining united to us in spirit and through prayer, Fr Robert would like everyone to know that he is updating his prayer list.  Please contact the office to provide a list of up to six first names for him to include in his daily prayers.

Praying for Father Robert
Your continuous prayers for Fr Robert and compassionate support during this difficult time is so graciously appreciated and we are beyond words to describe our gratitude.  Fr Robert would also like to express his personal and sincerest thanks for everyone's prayers.  

Thanks to everyone who came to last Monday's prayer vigil at Saint Willibrord's or united with us in prayer from home!  Another prayer vigil will take place next week at St Will's, 7:30pm on Thursday, March 9th. 

A weekly online prayer group has started on Wednesdays at 7:30pm on Zoomto pray for Father Robert's health, his family, and his medical team.  

Scripture is an incredibly profound source of grace, and engaging with the Word of God more often can do wonders for our faith and spiritual health.  With this in mind, we also invite you all to unite in prayer through Psalm 41.  

Lenten Mass Schedule
Weekend Mass:  Saturday, 4:30pm
The 8:30am Sunday Mass and all weekday Masses are suspended during Lent.   Weekday Masses already booked for your intentions will be said privately, but we will resume sharing the intentions for those who wish to keep them in their prayers.  

Weekend Masses with the intention "For All Parishioners" will be said privately by Father Robert at this time. 

Regular Liturgy Schedule & Intentions
Saturday, March 4th (Second Sunday of Lent):  Pocholo P. Gomez by Agnes Olaguera and Family

Private Mass -  Tuesday, March 7 (St Perpetua & St Felicity):  Carmela Nudo by Her Family
Private Mass - Thursday, March 9 (St Frances of Rome):  Anniversary of Evelyn Warren by Bill and Denise 
The Sanctuary Lamp
This week the Sanctuary Lamp is lit for Alexis Lanteigne by His Family

Get me to the church on time!
Parishioners who cannot make it to the Saturday Mass or who are looking for a weekday Mass are invited to St Willibrord's on Sundays at 10:30am and St Gabriel's (2111 Rue Centre) on Tuesdays at 7:00pm.

Catholic Action Montreal's Late Sunday Mass begins at 8:00pm, every Sunday night at St Willibrord's.  

#TryAlpha - it's coming back!
Alpha returns to Verdun on Tuesday, March 21st at St Willibrord's -- so come dive into life's big questions in a friendly, welcoming environment, and make new friends over a free meal and lively conversation!  Visit for more information and to register.

Reflection on the Second Sunday of Lent
This Sunday's Gospel is Matthew's account of the Transfiguration - a moment in the New Testament where Peter, James, and John encounter Moses and Elijah with Jesus, and experience Jesus in a state of divine radiance and glory.  

The account of the Transfiguration shows us a life-changing, profound, and intimate moment for these three Apostles with Our Lord, and opens us up to contemplate the wonder and awe of such an encounter with Jesus.  In the context of today, this passage of Scripture invites us to consider something truly incredible:  that personal encounter with Jesus is possible even today!  So many who have discovered or rediscovered their faith can testify to this reality, and there are so many opportunities for us to encounter Jesus in daily life!

This moment in the public life of Jesus is so important that it was added to the Mysteries of the Rosary by Pope Saint John Paul II in 2002 as one of the Luminous Mysteries - five moments in the New Testament that reveal the light of the Kingdom through the presence of Jesus Christ.  As this article states, "For St. John Paul II, the Transfiguration is the 'mystery of light par excellence' since 'the glory of the Godhead shines forth from the face of Christ as the Father commands the astonished Apostles to ‘listen to him.'"

Assigned to Thursday recitations of the Rosary, the Luminous Mysteries allow us to explore the public life and ministry of Jesus through our prayer and invite us to open our lives to him through discipleship.  As we progress through this next week of Lent, perhaps our Lenten practice of prayer this Thursday could be to follow the public works of Jesus through the Luminous Mysteries, with these words of Saint Josemaria Escriva to guide our hearts through the Mystery of the Transfiguration:

"Jesus, we want to see you, to speak to you!  We want to contemplate you, immersed in the immensity of your beauty, in a contemplation that will never cease!  It must be wonderful to see you, Jesus!...Lord, I long to see your face.  I like to close my eyes and think that, when God wills, the  moment will come when I will be able to see him, not as 'in a mirror dimly, but...face to face.'" 

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