Friday, March 10, 2023

Soul Health CXXI


Soul Health CXXI

Update on Father Robert
The latest news on Fr Robert is in the Special Edition from March 7th 2023

Praying for Father Robert
Your continuous prayers for Fr Robert and compassionate support during this difficult time is so graciously appreciated and we are beyond words to describe our gratitude.  Fr Robert would also like to express his personal and sincerest thanks for everyone's prayers.  

In addition to praying for him and his family, Fr Robert has asked that we also include the following intentions during this time: 
- For those who suffer alone
- For those who suffer without access to adequate medical care
- For those who have yet to receive the gift of faith

We'd also like to thank everyone who has joined us for the prayer vigils at Saint Willibrord's or united with us in prayer from home.
Next week's vigil at St Will's is Wednesday, March 15; doors open at 7:00pm and we begin at 7:30pm.

A weekly online prayer group also meets on Wednesdays at 7:30pm on Zoomto pray for Father Robert's health, his family, and his medical team.  

Lenten Mass Schedule
Weekend Mass:  Saturday, 4:30pm

This week, we welcome and thank Father Francis McKee for coming to our parish and celebrating Mass with us!

The 8:30am Sunday Mass and all weekday Masses are suspended.
Weekday Masses already booked for your intentions will be said privately, but we will resume sharing the intentions for those who wish to include them in their personal prayers.

Weekend Masses with the intention "For All Parishioners" will be said privately by Father Robert at this time. 

Regular Liturgy Schedule & Intentions
Saturday, March 11th (Third Sunday of Lent):  Alexis Lanteigne by Geraldine & Family

Private Mass -  Tuesday, March 14:  Anniversary of Rita Warren by Bill & Denise
Private Mass - Thursday, March 16:  Debbie Hughes by Her Mother  
The Sanctuary Lamp
This week the Sanctuary Lamp is lit for Cecilia & Clement Langevin by John & Irene Langevin 

Get me to the church on time!
Parishioners who cannot make it to the Saturday Mass or who are looking for a weekday Mass are invited to St Willibrord's on Sundays at 10:30am and St Gabriel's (2111 Rue Centre) on Tuesdays at 7:00pm.

Catholic Action Montreal's Late Sunday Mass begins at 8:00pm, every Sunday night at St Willibrord's.  

#TryAlpha - it's coming back!
Alpha returns to Verdun on Tuesday, March 21st at St Willibrord's -- so come dive into life's big questions in a friendly, welcoming environment, and make new friends over a free meal and lively conversation!  Visit for more information and to register.

Coffee Break Catechesis for the Third Sunday of Lent
This Sunday, our Gospel reading introduces us to the Samaritan woman at the well who has a life-changing encounter with Jesus when she comes to draw water.  As part of the Prayer Vigil for Fr Robert this past Thursday, we prayed the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, a powerful devotion based on the writings of Saint Faustina that helps us to ask for God's mercy, to remember that we too must be merciful, and to completely trust in Jesus. 

In this video, Bishop Barron links this passage to the Divine Mercy through four distinct principles:  from Jesus' encounter at the well with the Samaritan woman, we learn that God's mercy is relentless, divinizing, demanding, and mission-oriented.  Enter this passage of Scripture with Bishop Barron and explore what this experience at the well means not just for the Samaritan woman, but for all who are called to discipleship.

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