Friday, March 24, 2023

Soul Health CXXIII


Soul Health CXXIII 

Update on Father Robert

Fr Robert has informed the staff of both St Thomas More and St Willibrord that late this week, he was transferred from the oncology ward into palliative care. He is spiritually at peace, and is grateful for all the prayer support he and his family have been receiving from his friends and parishioners.  

Please continue to keep him in your prayer as he enters this last stage of his earthly journey, in union with the Paschal Mystery of
Christ’s life, death and Resurrection.

In this time of transition, administration has been transferred at both parishes.  We wish to welcome as Parochial Administrators, Fr Raymond Lafontaine for St Thomas More and Fr Mike Leclerc for St Willibrord.
Recently, Fr Robert caught up with Terrel Joseph on Zoom to share a profound personal experience at the Alpha Summit last fall.
Watch it by clicking the play button above, or follow this link to the video.

Praying for Father Robert
Your continuous prayers for Fr Robert and compassionate support during this difficult time is so graciously appreciated and we are beyond words to describe our gratitude.  Fr Robert would also like to express his personal and sincerest thanks for everyone's prayers.  

In addition to praying for him and his family, Fr Robert has asked that we also include the following intentions during this time: 
- For those who suffer alone
- For those who suffer without access to adequate medical care
- For those who have yet to receive the gift of faith

We'd also like to thank everyone who has joined us for the prayer vigils at Saint Willibrord's or united with us in prayer from home.

Click here to join the Rosary Group on Wednesdays at 7:30pm to pray for Fr Robert and his intentions, his family, and his medical team.  

Lenten Mass Schedule
Weekend Mass:  Saturday, 4:30pm

***Details for Holy Week Masses & Liturgies will be sent in a SH Special Edition on Monday -- keep an eye on your inboxes!***

This Saturday, we welcome and thank Father Mike Leclerc coming to our parish and celebrating Mass with us!

The 8:30am Sunday Mass and all weekday Masses are suspended.
Weekday Masses already booked for your intentions will be said privately, but we will resume sharing the intentions for those who wish to include them in their personal prayers.

Weekend Masses with the intention "For All Parishioners" will be said privately by Father Robert at this time. 

Regular Liturgy Schedule & Intentions
Saturday, March 24th (Fifth Sunday of Lent):  Alexis Lanteigne by Barbara & Family 

Private Mass -  Tuesday, March 28:  Sue Paradis by Robert & Violet Campbell 
Private Mass - Thursday, March 30:  Mr Vincenzo Nudo 
The Sanctuary Lamp
This week the Sanctuary Lamp is lit for Deceased Members of the Gomez & Olaguera Families by by The Olaguera Family
In the Quiet 
Thursday, March 30th - 7:30pm at St Willibrord
In the midst of your busyness, let God speak to you in the silence of your heart during this evening of adoration, music, and reconciliation.  

There's still time to #TryAlpha this Spring!
Alpha has launched again at St Willibrord's, and new walk-ins and registrations are accepted until Week 3.  Everyone is welcome to dive into life's big questions in Alpha's friendly, welcoming environment, and make new friends over a free meal and lively conversation! 

Visit for more information and to register.


Coffee Break Catechesis for the Fifth Sunday of Lent
With Holy Week quickly approaching, along with all its various opportunities to go to Confession,  it's a great time to revisit what the Sacrament of Reconciliation truly is - a Sacrament of Healing.  

Have a cuppa this week with Fr Mike Schmitz who'll walk you through a refresher on Making a Good Confession and share his perspective on the Sacrament, particularly on how Confession is a Place of Victory.

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