Thursday, April 30, 2020

Soul Health VI: 8AM TOMORROW special live mass, Food Drive report, and more

Good evening Companions in the Risen Christ

Briefly, two programmes, some information on tomorrow’s special consecration, and the Grapevine:

1. The Food Drive: Wonderful! A really faithful response from our parish of serving those in need. It was beautiful to experience. Specifics below, including a link to photos.

2. Adult Faith Formation! Please Consider it, especially if you haven’t before. I would like to offer a 6-session program by Zoom, with a video, questions and discussion for a small group of 10 max. beginning next week. However, we don’t have enough interest yet to make it viable. If you are curious, please go to the 2-minute survey; sign up there as well:

3. In the face of the pandemic, tomorrow, May 1, all the Canadian and American bishops will consecrate their respective dioceses to Mary, Mother of the Church, seeking her protection.

May is the month of Mary annually. Watch live Archbishop Lépine’s consecration mass tomorrow 8am, following the link on this page:

4. Read the latest Grapevine diocesan newsletter

So, the Food Drive…

Well done, in this time of need. The beneficiaries of your generosity were the Manna Food Bank here in Verdun, and Le Pont, a 2-year old ministry of our Diocese to temporarily shelter newly arriving refugees. A special thanks to one of our catechism parents for doing all the pick-ups from your homes yesterday afternoon and delivering them to the rectory.

Two car loads are going to Manna, along with some cash donations marked for them.

Me and another driver took two car loads last night to Le Pont. Photos can be found on our website:

In addition to the office lobby full of bags and boxes of groceries, over $2500 came in from several donors. I would like to commend you for your generosity. Trish and I both were deeply moved at the overwhelming response, how you opened your hearts to those who are desperate.

This is truly Catholic faith in action, and taking seriously your Easter vocation as believers in the Risen One. We read each of the 50 days of Easter at Mass from the Acts of the Apostles, the story of faith in the resurrection put into action. So we have a new chapter to Acts of St. TM parish!

With the cash I was able to purchase and deliver for each of the 9 families (21 residents) of Le Pont: a 4-day supply of fresh meat and fish, a flat of eggs, a jug of vegetable oil, a large bag of rice, and loads of vegetables and fruits. And there is enough cash left over to twice more provide another 4-day supply of fresh meats, as well as veggies, which I will undertake next week.

May the Risen Christ richly bless you,

Fr. Robert+

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