Tuesday, April 28, 2020

UPDATE: 26 hours left...in the Food Drive...

...in our Parish Food Drive...READ this UPDATE with new info:

Greetings all,

First, there has been some interest in the small group Adult faith education programme I would lead by videoconferencing; a handful more of interested persons would make this feasible. To register your interest, please fill out this survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/68QVRCH

The Food Drive is in full swing, with bags of groceries already dropped at the rectory door this morning -- Thanks for your generosity:

If you would like a pick-up, please let me know by replying to this email this evening.

Food drop off at the rectory:

non-perishables: on the rectory steps until sundown today or tomorrow

perishables: tomorrow only (Wednesday)

Before 4pm: meat and dairy on doorstep; all other perishables directly in the back of red Kia Soul out front

4pm-6pm; all perishables directly into the Kia Soul (these will be delivered departing 6pm)

After 6pm -- no more perishables accepted

NO ITEMS PAST BEST BEFORE DATE -- I've already found some, meaning I've had to personally go through all the bags to check them. It turns out it they were only in one bag -- thanks to all of you who have or will donate with this in mind. With most donations coming tomorrow, please spare me having to check through everything if even one unusable item is found in one bag.


Drop food off on the Rectory steps (980 Moffat) today (non-perishable only) or Wednesday (anything) -- see 2. above.

Cash or cheques in envelopes marked “Food Drive”, or your parish envelope offerings can also be safely slipped through the Rectory mailbox.

Food Requirements:

For Le Pont https://www.diocesemontreal.org/en/archdiocese/le-pont :

· Fresh vegetables and fresh fruit, rice, vegetable oil, Bread, peanut butter, Yogurt, Milk, snacks for children

· Maintenance and Disinfection products for the residence

· Disinfectant spray (Lysol), Wet disinfectant wipes, Disinfectant, antibacterial liquid or spray, Hydroalcoholic solution for hands

For the local Food Bank: everything else

Please, please put the Le Pont donations in separate bags/boxes from the Food Bank, so I don’t have to sort and separate.

P.S. No donations can be past their ‘Best Before’ or ‘Expiry’ dates. (To do otherwise is distinctly unhelpful and contradicts Catholic Social teaching).

Thanks in advance for meeting this desperate need in these difficult times.

Fr. Robert+
St. Thomas More Parish, Verdun

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